Jamestown produces campaign-winning ads

Our team of in-house editing and post-production maestros produce campaign-winning ads. Voters remember them, are moved by them and are more likely to believe them. We tell a story in each ad, tailor-made for your campaign. Diving into research, drafting piles of copy and turning concepts into reality make us tick. The ads we produce win major industry awards, but most importantly: they win tough fights that others call impossible.

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Buying the same “political” programming over and over again is easy. Digging deeper to determine what shows are being watched by target voters wins tough campaigns. No matter the target – swing voters, senior citizens, minority groups, conservative Republicans – we find out where they live and what they watch so you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

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direct mail that packs a punch 

Your campaign doesn’t stop. You need a partner that can keep up. Jamestown’s team of creative, mailing and strategy professionals manage every aspect of your mail campaign – from creative conception to mailbox delivery. We know mail inside and out. From managing lists, to USPS compliance, to the weight of your paper stock, we obsess over and take care of the details so you can focus on winning.

See some of our award-winning direct mail.


Strategic Public Affairs Campaigns


Jamestown Associates specializes in designing and implementing sophisticated communications strategies for companies and organizations in any industry, of any size. Leveraging our extensive political and corporate relationships, we identify potential allies in Congress and the Administration, galvanize like-minded organizations, and develop multi-tiered strategic communications and public affairs campaigns to achieve success.

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